Survey Readiness Improvement

Survey Readiness Improvement to reduce the risk for citations and civil monetary penalties.

  • On-site Mock Surveys
  • Focused Mock surveys i.e. Infection Control
  • Documentation review
  • Management and Staff Mentoring

Infection Control Improvement

Infection Control Improvement to increase the effectiveness of your infection control program.

  • Infection Control focused Mocks Surveys
  • Infection Control Program Reviews with potential revisions related to regulations and best practices.
  • Analytic Support Development to determine prevention, mitigation, and response to infection.
  • Infection control practices including wound care management, foley catheter management, respiratory management, and bladder and bowel management.
  • Covid-19 and Legionella program development and review.

Rapid Response

Rapid Response to provide immediate assistance to facilities to decrease civil monetary penalties or support of a quality improvement specialist during a survey for consultation or on-site presences.

  • Immediate Jeopardy Assistance to rapidly move facilities back into compliance to reduce civil monetary penalties.
  • Plan of Correction development and implementation
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Education and in-servicing to assist with compliance.

Competency Based Training

Competency Based Training to set your staff up for success.

  • Director of Nursing Training
  • Assistant Director of Nursing Training
  • Minimal Data Sets (MDS) Coordinator Training
  • Skill-Building, Leadership, Abuse, Reportable Training
  • Nurse and CNA Competency

Clinical and Quality Improvement | Quality Assurance Consulting

Clinical and Quality Improvement | Quality Assurance Consulting to ensure that facility staff are providing care that allows each resident to attain or maintain their highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being.

  • Quality Improvement Quality Assurance Program development and review for best practice solutions.
  • Compliance Reviews to provide identification of root causes, and performance improvement projects.
  • Special Focus Facility (SFF) Assistance with clinical oversight throughout compliance review.
  • Special Focus Facility (SFF) Candidate clinical oversight compliance review.
  • Policies and Procedures Development and educational opportunities for implementation with facilities including continued education for staff refreshers and new staff.
  • Medical Records Review that includes medication reviews, appropriate diagnosis review, documentation review, comprehensive care planning review, and physician services reviews with the goal of medical records to be complete and ready for inspections.
  • Risk management program development and revision to ensure that the facilities Interdisciplinary Team identify residents at risk for changes of status and intervening in a proactive approach to reduce poor resident outcomes.
  • Consulting includes all clinical high-risk areas for compliance with CMS regulations and best practice solutions including but not limited to:
    • Wound Care Management
    • Nursing Documentation
    • ADL Documentation
    • Medication Management
    • Dementia/ Behavior Management
    • Fall and Fall with Major Injury Management
    • Restraint Reduction
    • Weight Management
    • Unsafe Resident Wandering and Elopement Prevention
    • Pain Management
    • Ventilator/Respiratory Program Management
    • Tracheostomy Program Management
    • Gastrostomy/Tube Feeding Management
    • Psychoactive (antianxiety, antidepressant, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and hypnotic) Medication Management
    • Non-pharmacological Intervention Management

MDS Optimization

MDS Optimization to improve the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of data collected to support coding.

  • Gap analysis to determine knowledge barriers for MDS Coordinators, Director of Nurses, and Administrators to increase reimbursement for revenue performance.
  • Scheduling assessment assistance to increase case mix index practices.
  • Documentation focus to ensure skilled items are captured and CMI to support for reimbursement opportunities.
  • Backlog assistance